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Jonas & Redmann 提供创新的成熟生产设备,用于生产锂离子储能设备的所有步骤,从电池生产到电池模块的组装。
2011 年,Jonas & Redmann 提供了第一条锂电池全自动装配线。今天,我们的服务范围遍及多个领域,例如研发用机器以及用于电池和模块生产的完整装配线。我们为棱柱电池生产以及软包电池的生产提供组装技术。


• 锂离子电池制造机
• 激光切割、焊接、消融机
• 复合箔片成型机
• 灌装和浸泡工艺机
• 除气和密封机
• 模块制造机
• EOL 测试机和在线过程监控


Jonas & Redmann offer sophisticated solutions to all steps in the production of innovation lithium based batteries - from cell assembly to battery module assembly. We offer machines for laboratory production, for pilot and small series production as well as complete assembly lines for battery manufacturing.

  • Laser cutting, welding, ablation
  • Stacking and coiling
  • Deep drawing of composite film
  • Packaging and sealing
  • Filling and soaking
  • Degassing and sealing
  • Testing and inline process monitoring
Module | Pack Production

Module | Pack Production

Jonas & Redmann offer sophisticated solutions for module assembly. Special attention is given to crusical quality characteristics, such as handling, transportation and particle-free manufacturing. - Pre-assembly | Module assembly - Contacting - Pack assembly - Electrical assembly | Switching of modules

Production of lithium based cells

Production of lithium based cells

The production of lithium based batterie cells includes
the three main process stages of electrode production, cell assembly and then formation and aging. We offer sophisticated solutions for all automation stages of the assembly of flat and prismatic cells – from the laboratory machine to a complete assembly line. - Cutting | Seperation of electrodes - Cell assembly | Stacking or winding - Tab welding - Packaging | Deep drawing of pouches - Filling and sealing.


Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 113
10553 Berlin

电话: +49 30 230866-0
传真: +49 30 230866-5099

Stefan Diehsner-Strefling
电话: +49 30 230866-6827

Jonas & Redmann China
Building B, No 5 Xing Han Street, Unit 05/06, 3rd Floor
SIP, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Postcode: 215021
P. R. China

电话: +86 512 6298-8218
传真: +86 512 6298-8190

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